LIVE from Odesa, Ukraine:

Author & Frontline Volunteer,

Oleg Veretskiy

Oleg Veretskiy at a book signing

Oleg talks to readers & supporters 9/25

He said YES! Oleg has made the time to come on our livestream to answer your questions and talk about his writing and his work supporting the frontline in Ukraine.We hope you’ll join us for this special opportunity to gain insight into the life of this committed volunteer and writer in Ukraine, Oleg Veretskiy.

Mostly we’d like celebrate a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and thank you for helping us raise $9,000 for translation and production costs. We’ll reserve any pledges received through the end of the campaign on Sept. 26 for additional language translations – Ukrainian, Japanese, and Polish have been requested so far.

We are deeply grateful for to everyone who has been helping bring this book to a wider global audience.

Oleg Veretskiy had just published the first novel in his magical realism trilogy, “Tales of the Wandering Mists: A Fairy Tale,” when Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in Feb. 2022. After getting to know him, we decided that all proceeds after production costs should go to Oleg, who has suspended his career to support Ukraine’s fight for freedom; the publisher will not retain any profits for this first book in The Tales of the Wandering Mists trilogy.

Despite the stress and disruption from the war, the reception of his first book continues to buoy Oleg. “I really like the feedback that my readers send me,” he admits. “Some of them ended up as refugees in Europe and the US, and the book has a therapeutic effect on them. When I think about this, I feel goosebumps.”

If you would like to support Oleg & his team in their mission to help Ukrainians in the de-occupied territories and Ukrainian soldiers fighting for freedom, the verified PayPal account is Additional donation options, click HERE.

Click here to read about our successful crowdfunding campaign for this book! 

Please bookmark for updates from Oleg and his team of committed volunteers.
When the Russian invaders cut off the water supply to Mykolaiv, Oleg (left, on truck) and the NAFO Odesa Squad team joined many other volunteers to bring water to the citizens of the city for more than five months.

Author Oleg Veretskiy has suspended his writing career to support his country’s fight for freedom. You can help publish his magical coming-of-age tale!

The Wandering Mists by Oleg Veretskiy

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