Oleg Veretskiy, author

Tales of the Wandering Mists trilogy, Book One

An Author, a War, and a Magical Tale

When Russia attacked Ukraine in February 2022, Oleg Veretskiy’s career as an author was just taking off. Without hesitation, Oleg put his writing career on hold to support his country’s fight for freedom and rebuilding.

Pierce Press is honored to be able to publish Oleg’s magical tale in English and eventually more languages, so that the world can enjoy his transcendent storytelling. The publisher will transfer all net revenue for this first book in his trilogy to the author.

Because so many of you have believed in this project and contributed via the Kickstarter and pre-orders, we will be able to publish much sooner than expected. Our official publication date is scheduled for April 2024.

We hope you will consider supporting independent bookstores by requesting Tales of the Wandering Mists at your local bookstore. The book will also be available at that “big online bookstore,” and reviews there are more precious than gold! 

Translated by Marina Palenyy Bailey
Edited by Susanna Zweig

Oleg Veretskiy at a book signing

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The Story

Are you brave enough to follow the intrepid young Lisa as she travels through strange worlds on a quest to bring her family back together?

As she comes of age, the plucky young girl’s journey leads her through a series of surreal adventures. You’ll meet strange, chimeric inhabitants of her fantastic world as she encounters airborne and earth-bound dolphins; the monstrous creature Riven; the shape-shifting Curmudgeon; the mysterious, sinister Acrid; the kindly, wise old Gardener, and the Craftsman who has the power to fix any problems – but will he?

Read Tales of the Wandering Mists to learn the truth!

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