Tales of the Wandering Mists trilogy, Book One

An Author, a War, and a Magical Tale

When Russia attacked Ukraine in February 2022, Oleg Veretskiy’s career as an author was just taking off. Without hesitation, Oleg put his writing career on hold to support his country’s fight for freedom and rebuilding.

Pierce Press is honored to be able to publish Oleg’s magical tale in English and eventually more languages, so that the world can enjoy his transcendent storytelling. The publisher will transfer all net revenue for this first book in his trilogy to the author.

We are able to publish this book because so many of Oleg’s supporters have believed in this project and contributed via the Kickstarter and pre-orders. Our revised publication date is September 2024, with pre-orders scheduled for earlier delivery.

Our editorial team

Book one in Oleg’s trilogy is translated by Marina Palenyy Bailey. Our editors are Megan McKenna and Megan Harris. The editors and translator continue to work collaboratively with the author to refine the text, story, and characters.

Oleg Veretskiy at a book signing

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The Story

Brace yourself. You are about to dive into the fantastical tale of a precocious girl named Lisa. As she embarks on a quest to save her mother using an enchanted music box that she must learn how to fix, Lisa braves heart-pounding encounters with fantastical creatures. While on the run from malevolent forces that wish to take her down in order to steal her supernatural powers, she unlocks secrets in ancient wisdom, and forges her own identity. Throughout her adventures, Lisa takes charge of her own coming-of-age and in the process, becomes the heroine of her own journey. Readers daring enough to follow Lisa will become intimately acquainted with the strange beasts of the worlds of the Wandering Mists — the air- and earth-bound Dolphins, the petrifying Riven, the quarrelsome Inside-Out Man, the sinister Acrid, the wild and wondrous Gardener, and even the enchanting Craftsman who is able to fix anything. Welcome to the Worlds of the Wandering Mists!

About the author

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