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In addition to our dedicated editorial team, we are grateful to the 40+ Kickstarter backers and pre-orderers that are making it possible to publish Oleg’s book. Thank you all! Akiko, Alastair, Alina, Anita, Anna, Anni, Barbara, Bernice, Betty, Betty M., PM Boomer, Bruce, Camilla, Charlotte, Cheryl, Chris, Christine, Claire, Clare,  Coco, Connie, Corinne, Daniel, David, Elsa, Eric, Eugenia, Gavin, Greg, Hernandez, Inna, James, Jared, Jan, Jared, Jason, Jenielle, Jochem, Jodi, Jonathan, Juko, Jurij, Karen, Kate, Katherine, Kathleen, Kelly, Kristin, Ksenia, Lesley, Leslie, Lindsay, Lisette, Maria, Marlene, Martin, Martin, Marina, Maya, Megan, Merja, Micha, Michele, Nikola, Oleg, Paul, Peggy, Ralph, Robin, Sally, Sebastian, Shaun, Shiela, Susanna, Susie, Suzi, Tanya, Teresa, Terri, Ulyana, Ute, Wende, Ziggy, Zoe.

Book Publishing Team

Oleg Veretskiy
Author, Soldier, Volunteer

I hope you enjoy this first book, and I thank you from the depths of my heart for your support of my writing and my country. The second and third parts of the Tales lie ahead!

Charlotte Pierce
Publisher, Pierce Press

It’s rare to find an author like  Oleg Veretskiy. We are honored to publish his fantasy trilogy in English translation, as well as his “War Through My Eyes” essays.

Marina Palenyy Bailey
Translator, Teacher

I knew that Oleg had built a meaningful world because his story left me, a full-blown adult, needing to hear the ending. It’s been amazing to unlock this book for English readers.

Laura Williams
Web & Graphic Design

It’s been fascinating to work on the graphics and to build Oleg’s website. I feel like I have a backstage pass to the book production process and to Ukraine’s struggle.

Susanna Zweig
Lead Editor

Editing this book has been a transformative experience for me, especially working closely with translator Marina and author Oleg, and discovering my talented assistant editor, Megan.

Kelly D. Shifflett
Proofreader, Team Angel, Psychologist

I care so much about this story, about the crew that is dedicated from the heart to see it through, about the author, and his beloved country at war…how can I not?”

 Megan McKenna
Assistant Editor

Megan is a prose, script and poetry writer with a recent Pratt institute degree in writing and film. She is a fan of horror, realistic fiction and memoir. Megan has created seveal short films and is currently working on a novel.

Natalia Rusina

Art therapist, psychologist, host of the transformational game “Matrix of Reality.” Natalia has spent 15 years working with children in children’s art studios. Her work can be found on Instagram and TikTok.

Tatyana Kagitina

Tanya has been a tireless volunteer for our editorial meetings with Oleg, in addition to creating quality uniforms for the Ukrainian military and running an Odesa-based textile business with her sister, Antonina. 

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