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Oleg’s special guests on the livestream Sunday, Oct. 8 at 1 pm US ET (time zone converter) are Tatyana & Antonina Kagitina, aka “The Odesa Sisters.” Tatyana and Antonina run an impressive sewing operation in Odesa, Ukraine, constructing  high quality winter uniforms, sleeping bags, medical uniforms, adaptive underwear for injured soldiers, and other essential clothing items. Tatyana also serves as an interpreter for Ukrainian author & volunteer Oleg Veretskiy and assists in his projects supporting frontline Ukrainian military units.

Tatyana & Antonina are currently crowdfunding for 123 sets of winter uniforms for Ukrainian soldiers at $125 each; about 70 remain to be funded. If you’d like to contribute, you can PayPal any amount to The need is urgent, as battlefield temperatures are dropping on a daily basis. 

Article about the Odesa Sisters (WorkLoaf)

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Listen, ask, learn & help!

 What would you like to know about Ukraine, about Odesa, about living in a war zone, or about the Odesa Sisters uniforms project? Please add your comments & questions to the live destinations, before or during the livestream, and the sisters will respond to you in real time! If you miss the live, you can still add questions and they will monitor and respond as soon as possible. In this session, we will talk with the Odesa Sisters about their lives and about their work supporting Ukraine’s frontline defenders.

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“We ride at dawn”

Oleg’s volunteer team call themselves the “NAFO Odesa Squad,” raising funds and purchasing and delivering high-quality non-lethal military & civilian supplies – from protective helmets, tires for evacuation vehicles, and lifesaving first-aid kids (IFAKs), to water pumps after the devastating Khakovka flood, to food for orphaned animals they meet along the way. They are constantly on the road risking their lives where the need is greatest.

The NAFO Odesa Squad have become legendary in wartime Ukraine, and they always answer the call in a highly organized and effective manner. If you would like to support the team in their mission to help Ukrainians in the de-occupied territories and Ukrainian soldiers fighting for freedom, your donation of any amount will save lives. Please select one of the options below and click here for the latest campaign:

  • PayPal
  • MonoBank card (UAH): 5375414134690980
  • USDT Crypto: 0x2DDa217dA28d936D85E15bF2166930Cd0017f574
  • ETH Crypto: 0x2DDa217dA28d936D85E15bF2166930Cd0017f574
  • BTC Crypto: bc1qkpl2na36yy4uvaj3p7t8n9qxa3wwt4casjglz8

Thank you for your support!

Oleg Veretskiy in an open field of sunflowers
The Wandering Mists by Oleg Veretskiy

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