Book Provides Solace for Ukrainian Refugees

In this short video, Oleg talks about the first book in his trilogy, which was published before the full-scale Russian invasion in early 2022. It was published in Kyiv.

As the second and third books entered the author’s revision and outlining progress, the war interfered and it was “all hands on deck” for civilians, armed forces, and volunteers like Oleg.

But the reception of the first book continued to buoy Oleg, and still does. “I really like the feedback that some of my readers send me,” he admits. “Some of them ended up as refugees in Europe or the US, and they took my book with them. For them, the book had an almost therapeutic effect in their situation, This is very cool. And when I think about it, I feel goosebumps.”

Oleg believes that every book should have a message and a positive impact. As he serves his country’s existential fight for freedon, Oleg loves that his novel gives readers solace and helps them cope with the situation in which all Ukrainians now find themselves because of this war.

Oleg has promised more videos will be forthcoming! This first book is now in the English translation process and is scheduled for publication by Pierce Press in March, 2024.

Author Oleg Veretskiy suspended his career to support his country’s fight for freedom. Help us publish his magical coming-of-age tale!

The Wandering Mists by Oleg Veretskiy

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